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How We Treat

female therapist applying kinesiology taping to the knee and leg of a latina patient on a

Taping: Proprioception, Stability, Edema

Additional costs applied ($10/ body region)

- Various taping methods can assist with numerous impairments

  • Kinesio Tape (KT) has elastic properties that aid in guiding muscles to fire in the appropriate directions and can direct active contractions with exercise.  

  • Strapping tape acts as external stabilization when braces may slip or have a tendency to move. This is called Leukotape and can help with issues such as knee cap pain and ankle sprains. We think of this as an external ligament support. 

  • Spider taping is used to help control and reduce swelling. We cut it into long strips that act as an external lattice to lift the skin and aid the structures underneath to direct the fluid back up to the heart so it can then exit the body and not remain in the impaired region.

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