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Insurance Information and Wellness Options

Insurance Information

In-Network (deductibles, copays, co-insurance may apply)

  • Highmark BCBS

  • Independence Personal Choice

  • Aetna

  • Medicare

  • Swarthmore Athlete Insurance (BMI)

Out-of-network (higher deductible, co-pays, co-insurance, or no coverage may apply)

  • Cigna

  • United Student Health

  • United Healthcare

  • Independence Keystone Plans (Not Covered)

** We are unable to treat Medicaid enrollees due to requirements of Medicaid needing to only receive services from in-network providers only**

Patient Insurance Portals to Check Benefits

Add-On Services
(add on to Wellness or Formal PT)

Dry Needling

$40 / impairment


$10 / body region

Wellness/Prevention Sessions

  • Skip the waitlist: Maximum wait time of 2 weeks for an appointment

  • No prescription needed​

  • Completely self directed, no insurance companies or physicians dictating what you get to address and achieve

Initial visit

$165 / 55 min

Getting to know you. Your therapist will assess your current level of health with mobility and strength assessments and review your wellness goals. You can review your medical history and what has worked/not worked in the past so you can come up with a plan to help achieve your desired level of ability. 

Follow up Sessions

$135 / 55 min

Manual treatment as needed (stretching, soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, etc.), 40 min workout, and home exercise review

Themes that can be focused on during your wellness session...


PT Post-Graduate Session

Stay on after your discharge/graduation! Don't slide backwards and keep the amazing progress you've made with sessions to stay ahead of the next issue, get farther than the goals accepted by insurance, and make the most of the days we have ahead! When you're a post-grad patient, enjoy the ability to stay in touch with your therapist beyond formal PT.

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Hypermobility Training

Choose your own treatment adventure with hypermobility training. For those with hEDS, EDS, and generalized joint laxity, receive specialized care that can bounce from body region to body region as needed. If going through insurance, you would need to chose an impairment and focus on one concern at a time. With hypermobility training, things may change day to day and symptoms can be hard to predict. This option allows you to be the director of your own body. Choose the length of your session and how many you'd like per week. No doctor's prescription is required for wellness treatments.


Sports Performance Enhancement

Up your game with sports performance training. Receive custom treatment sessions with manual therapy, sports specific training, and extensive home exercise prescription to elevate your score to the next level.


General Wellness Consulting

Whether you're looking for an exercise routine or prevention to avoid injury, wellness training can help you achieve your goals. Provided virtually or in-person, consulting based on wellness and generalized exercise needs can be guided from near and far.

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