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Small Group Classes

Sign up or inquire by emailing to participate in our small group classes! Schedule and classes coming soon! 

 Bones, Balance, and Flexibility (BBF)

Date and Time: TBD

This class is designed to address three things that may result in reduced activities with age advancements. Osteopenia, balance impairments, and mobility issues are common reasons one may chose to sit something out.  This class begins with a weight-bearing warm-up with specific exercise to reduce or improve osteopenia/osteoporosis. It then utilizes strength building exercises to further progress functional endurance. The class progresses further into balance training and finishes with a light stretching. Reduce your risk of falls, improve mobility, and strengthen those bones with  this class taught by Joan Warburton-Phibbs, MA, MFA.

Wednesday Wind-down

Date and Time: TBD

Improve overall relaxation and mindfullness with our ​stress reduction class! Learn about the causes and physiological manifestations of stress and how to successfully combat them through specific body and mind techniques. 

Balance and Flexibility

Date and Time: TBD

Reduce your risk of falls and improve overall mobility with this class! Evidence has shown that regular participation in balance activities significantly reduces risk of falls. This class is geared towards improving overall stability and mobility!

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