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Can I see my PT first??

What is Direct Access?

  • Non-Medicare clients can be triaged by a physical therapist and seen for 30 days without receiving a prescription as DPT’s are trained to be experts in musculoskeletal injuries and movement dysfunctions.

  • Doctorate degrees are now required for all PT’s to be able to screen and rule out red flags (serious conditions) so PT’s can refer out to physicians for injuries requiring further medical care

  • PT’s can provide immediate education and treatment to shorten the lifespan of your injury.

    • A study demonstrated the overall time from injury to full recovery was significantly shortened when PT’s were initially consulted as opposed to…

waiting for an appointment with your PCP then > waiting for referral to specialist then > waiting for an expensive image then > visiting the specialist for interpretation of image then > receiving a script for PT likely 6 weeks later when your injury has begun to become chronic which is significantly harder to treat than acute (early-on) injuries.


  • See illustration of low back pain treated traditionally with a script vs PT first

  • PT’s can assess injuries with sometimes as much accuracy as an image and guide patients more appropriately to reduce overall dysfunction and return to normalcy in a fraction of the time.



  • Flynn, Timothy & Smith, Britt & Chou, Roger. (2011). Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Imaging in Low Back Pain: A Reminder That Unnecessary Imaging May Do as Much Harm as Good. The Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy. 41. 838-46. 10.2519/jospt.2011.3618. 


  • Heidi A. Ojha, Rachel S. Snyder, Todd E. Davenport; Direct Access Compared With Referred Physical Therapy Episodes of Care: A Systematic Review, Physical Therapy, Volume 94, Issue 1, 1 January 2014, Pages 14–30,


Why Private Pay?


2-3 times per week at $20-$60 copay = $60- $180/week x 6-12 weeks =


Typical average total out-of-pocket cost = 


  • Multiple patients seen per hour by your PT

  • Running the same program determined during the initial evaluation with minor progressions and upgrades

  • Reassessment once per month

  • Time spent in the clinic 2-4 hours per week

  • Therapy limited by function defined by insurance companies and discontinued when third party determines functional goals and progress has been achieved or has plateaued

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1-2 times per week at $120/visit = $120-$240/week x 2-4 weeks =

Our average total out-of-pocket cost = 

$240 - $960

  • One on one with our DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

  • No two sessions are the same

  • Reassessment each visit to alter program so most effective exercises are being performed regularly for maximal gains

  • Time spent in the clinic per week 1-2 hours

  • Therapy is able to be provided direct access without a prescription for 30 days. If the client would like to continue, a prescription can be provided and continued therapy is only limited by the client’s personal goals and desired achievements. A physician will be contacted if red flags are present or progress is not made within 2-3 sessions.

  • Can transition to a fitness program to continue care after 30 days to maximize outcomes

Medical Record Analysis

Going outside of insurance...

Insurance companies may dictate what treatment you need and how long it should take to heal. No two people will present the same because everyone is unique. Faster results may been seen as spending 60 minutes with our clients alone, without the therapists divided attention. Your therapist will analyze each movement of the prescribed exercises and administering manual treatments as needed throughout sessions.

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